Breaking Free

Black Lines

Networks of dead veins oozing leaded blood

Reflections of the soul scratched into infinite spirals

Imagination crawling from the crevices of the brain

Spikes and beams projected into reality

The eye of a storm, leaking its secrets into emptiness

Whirlwinds of shadows and layers of darkness

Hidden in a haze of voices and faces

Places of an alternate subconscious dimension

Flicks and figures

Tangled in a silken web of emotion and expression

Daydreams fused with nightmares, scorched in ink





We listen with our heart and see with our mind


2 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. RONE SHIRYO says:

    Just as dark as some of my ramblings, yet you construct it in a way that’s veiled with innocence, not animosity. Glad I’ve found your blog, it’ll keep my reading time fulfilled tomorrow. Thanks for the follow too and keep up the great work, will be following.

    Liked by 1 person

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