And as you blink, your body flickers before me.

Each flutter of the eyelid sends electrical


Rippling along

Your skin.

Your eyes are steely grey lenses that glare

At me,

Without seeing me.

But I can see you, or rather, my vision penetrates

Through you, as your pallid complexion fades

To a translucent


And your blank face clouds over with something like boredom.

I notice that your ethereal eyes become distracted, damaged, hollow.

Your holographic skin loses its shimmer, grows

Cold and dull,

The life drains out of every virtual atom…

A sudden dizziness overwhelms me.

A strangled scream escapes my soul and

E c h o e s




I lunge forward, grasping for you, but you slip

Through my fingers as they pierce your frail flesh.

As my hands move frantically, your body dissipates

Into dense white swirls,

Which hiss as they curl

And drift

Away with the breeze

Tears roll down my cheek as I consider the strength of the hallucination –

You were never mine and never will be.


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