I realised that just over a year ago, Rai’s Rambles posted for the very last time. I decided to have a scroll through the blogroll to revisit the amazing artwork created by my talented friend (who inspired me to create blogs of my own). I love these animations and videos, and look forward to seeing more in the future (hopefully)…

Rai's Rambles

Just two things I uploaded to youtube recently, posting them here since noone seems to get my youtube feed, and also tumblr is down :/

This was a test I made for using Sony Vegas. I took the opportunity to show some of my older unfinished videos.

I’m sorry that some parts go too fast =o=’ I’m not quite sure how that happened..

Oh as a bonus, here are the gifs that got messed up:

zawa-storyboardcrossfightUntitled-1 (2)

This one is an advert for the animation club I’m running at school. It was a collab I did with Fufu, where I drew and she coloured..

so yeah, thats it :3

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