The Second Plague

I happened to come across a pond full of sunbathing frogs (quite fitting as I have been celebrating Passover), and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take photos of them. I was determined to get as close as possible without them springing into the water out of fear. So I became the Stealthy Amphibian Paparazzi for a few minutes: lying on a bridge and sticking my arm out of the fencing (praying I wouldn’t drop my camera), crouching in the soil with ants crawling into my espadrilles, sneaking through the bushes whilst swatting away hormonal wasps… All that effort for a couple of snaps*, but I just think it’s the coolest thing to see interesting creatures up close and personal.

*Please click on the photos to view them on a larger scale so that you can see the detail on their skin!


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