Writing101 Day #1: Unlock The Mind

So I now have the task of writing continuously for 20 minutes without stopping, and I think that’s going to be a hard task, considering my fingers type faster than I can think. But I have to keep going, no matter what comes out onto this page. And I really don’t want to make spelling mistakes either, because going back on myself will slow me down, even though this isn’t against the clock or anything. I just have to type, type, type, tap, tap… this is an obvious filler. Anyway, how are you? Who am I talking to? I don’t know. Am I talking to myself? I don’t know. Will anyone see this? Probably not. So I’m talking to myself anyway. Well in that case, I’m not doing too badly, thank you for asking. I had 3 exams today. It was quite tiring. The thing about exam periods is that you forget what actual school is like. You think, “Urghh, I hate exams. They’re so hard!” But when you go back to normal lessons, you realise that staying awake for however many hours school lasts, is just as hard, if not harder. Sorry, distraction. Just heard a pigeon cooing ambiguously outside my window. I’ve been using the word ambiguous a lot recently. I don’t like it now that I know how commonly it’s used. Back to the pigeon… I don’t usually notice them – they just exist. They coexist in our ecosystem when we really don’t want them. But there’s no competition between us (apart from our mutual interest in eating bread) so we have to let them be. Sighhhh. So the other day, mum was testing me on some jazzy Spanish vocab that I wanted to learn before my Spanish exams today. We were just sitting on the bed casually. I was staring out the window. There’s a fat tree outside my window, and I just so happened to notice, in that particular moment, 2 pigeons on a branch, hidden by some other branches. One of them was pecking at the other’s face. It could have been eating out of its mouth, or fighting. It looked like they were fighting because it was pretty vicious, if you ask me. Mum said they were probably mating. I was like, “Yeah, as if. Look how violent they’re being.” And I was secretly thinking, “That’s not what I’d call flirting. Are you serious?” Not that I could do any better. But come on – if you want someone’s attention, don’t go round biting their face off! Mind you, that would get their attention… Anyway, all of a sudden, the nasty-ass pigeon who started the fighting jumped on top of the other one. Like, it properly jumped. Who knew pigeons could jump?! I certainly didn’t. That plump monster of a pigeon just JUMPED onto the other one. That was when I realised mum was right. I mean, she knows more about breeding than I do (due to personal experience, though hopefully not with birds…) but I just… I couldn’t even. Privacy. Seriously, birds. I can seee yoouuuu! That was the moment I got it. Woah. Pigeons are mating outside my window. *Shivers*. So now that I can hear a pigeon outside my window, all I can think about is that scenario. I could go on with graphic details, but for the birds’ sakes, I’ll pretend there were more branches blocking my view. Back to the exams (back to the place where we began, feeling as good as lovers can, you knoooowww – are those the right lyrics?) – I had one before today, where I left out an entire question due to a supermassive mind blank; that was psychology. And today, I had 3 hours of Spanish followed by another 1.5 hours of maths. Should maths, as in the subject, have capital letters? I mean, one capital. Haha, imagine seeing MATHS in caps-lock everywhere you go. How intimidating would that be? Okay, that’s a rhetorical question. Pretty darn intimidating. When did I start using the word darn? Just now, apparently. Also, I just typed “whence”, but then realised I didn’t know exactly how to use it in a sentence. I could question it now, but nobody is going to reply. And I don’t think I want to learn how to use it now. Too much time spent thinking about it. My Spanish exams were fine. Everyone was like, “OMG, we had sooo much extra tiiiime. They sooo should have made it shorterrrrr. I was done after, like, thiiiirtyy miiinuuutesszzzsz.” That’s my dumb American accent phoneticalisms, with extra dumbness and a hint of a lisp at the end. It makes sense if I say it out loud. I think. But, anyway, I thought the time for the exams was good. Sufficient, to be more precise. I didn’t have to rush through my 5 comprehensions. Plus, I got time to writegu9beopv `co-vuh0u\-dw0h OMG 7 seconds left!!!!!! Bye.


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