Writing101 Day #5: Be Brief

It was none of your business, but you picked it up anyway.

The envelope was sealed, but you opened it anyway.

Those words were not meant for you, but you read them anyway.

The fear and the pain did not demand you to feel them, but you wept anyway.

Those secrets would haunt you, but you let them.


The letter was not addressed to you, but you slipped it inside your pocket and continued on your way.



8 thoughts on “Writing101 Day #5: Be Brief

  1. Curiosity abounds. Some of us can’t resist it, no matter how loudly that little voice in the back of our minds yells as a reminder that we know better.

    Flow is good. I don’t recall noticing any issues with spelling or grammar. You’ve left it ambiguous enough to draw your reader in to fill in the blanks while still conveying enough emotion to let us know that the letter’s contents weren’t necessarily good.

    Nice job.


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