2014 Book Wrap-Up (Part 2/4)

(11) If I Stay by Gayle Forman


Series: If I Stay (book 1)

My rating: **

Genre: Contemporary

What it’s about: a girl who has a tragic accident followed by an out-of-body experience, where she must decide whether she wants to die or wake up to a world where her family are dead.

Pros: the narration flips between the past and present to create variation; the family of the protagonist is described in a lot of detail; one of the key themes is music and the conflict between genres, which is something different and interesting.

Cons: it is not the most exciting plot and the ending does not evoke any particular emotions; it does not live up to the expectations.

Would recommend to: fans of The Fault In Our Stars and Thirteen Reasons Why

(12) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Series: Stand-alone

My rating: *****

Genre: Contemporary

What it’s about: a first-year college student who writes fanfic for a series similar to Harry Potter, and has a twin sister who could not be more different.

Pros: it’s so relatable! So many feels! Rainbow Rowell is an incredible writer!

Cons: nothing – this book is perfect.

Would recommend to: All teenage fangirls

(13) Horde by Ann Aguirre


Series: the Razorland trilogy (book 3)

My rating: ****

Genre: Dystopian

What it’s about: A group of hunters trying to kill the remaining horde of zombie-like creatures in different settlements, in order to create peace.

Pros: It follows on from Outpost really well; there are so many action scenes; I like that Deuce finally figures out that she can be a Huntress and a girl at the same time; this book has the best epilogue I have ever read -it’s adorable and makes you feel very satisfied.

Cons: The narrative spans over a long period of time, so it cuts out days or weeks, which ruins the flow at times; I was a bit disappointed that the Freaks could speak and communicate in the end; it was very long and some of the battles could have been cut out?

Would recommend to: Someone who likes a lot of action

(14) Promised by Caragh O’Briencar

Series: Birthmarked trilogy (book 3)

My rating: ***

Genre: Dystopian

What it’s about: A young woman leading a group of nomads to a walled city for refuge, who faces imprisonment and DNA experimentation against her will as a sacrifice.

Pros: as Gaia brings the group back to where she grew up, it links all three books of the trilogy together nicely.

Cons: the start feels a bit disjointed from the end of Prized; the relationship between the protagonists doen’t seem as swoonworthy as in other YA novels – even though Gaia accepted the proposal, I wasn’t convinced that she was truly in love (and with the right character!) and I ended up not caring too much.

Would recommend to: Someone who wants to finish the Birthmarked trilogy (just for a sense of peace)!

(15) Every Day by David Levithan

evrSeries: Stand-alone

My rating: ****

Genre: Contemporary

What it’s about: A genderless presence waking up every day inside a different person’s body, who falls in love and tries to have a relationship in their many states of being.

Pros: it’s such an original idea, and it manages to answer all your questions and doubts about the process by the end; there are so many interesting characters’ lives we get a glimpse of throughout the book; there are lots of profound statements and messages in the writing.

Would recommend to: Younger teens with a sense of adventure

(16) Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden


Series: Stand-alone

My rating: ****

Genre: Non-fiction

What it’s about: A true story of the only prisoner to have escaped a camp in North Korea, and how he lived before and after his incredible escape.

Pros: this is a brilliant insight into the totalitariansim of North Korea; the story is gripping and harrowing.

Would recommend to: Someone who likes inspiring stories from other cultures.

(17) The Death Of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell bee

Series: Stand-alone

My rating: ***

Genre: Mystery

What it’s about: Two sisters living home alone who, having buried their parents in the garden, are faced with demands from a man owed money from their parents, and a kind neighbour who tries to protect and raise them.

Pros: it’s a heart-warming story with narration shared between two very different personalities; the general idea is completely unique; the inclusion of setting and context is consistent.

Cons: the subject matter is sometimes too graphic; some passages are a little boring.

Would recommend to: Someone looking for something completely different.

(18) The One by Kiera Cassone

Series: The Selection (book 3)

My rating: ****

Genre: Dystopian

What it’s about: A girl in the running to become the next princess, who must decide whether her heart belongs to the prince, or to a boy she has always loved.

Pros: this book is so much better than The Elite and was a really nice ending to America’s Selection story; look at the cover – it’s stunning; America finally makes her mind up about who she wants to be with.

Cons: the sub-plot about the rebels is irritating and is never explored deeply enough; the protagonist makes friends with the enemy but then something bad happens to the ex-enemy…

Would recommend to: Someone who likes modern-day princesses

(19) We Were Liars by E. Lockhart lie

Series: Stand-alone

My rating: *****

Genre: Contemporary

What it’s about: A wealthy family who own a private island and holiday there together every year, even though the tension rises as each sister demands to be left with the most riches in their father’s will.

Pros: the writing style is at times poetic, and always engaging; having family politics as the subtext makes for a more intriguing plot.

Cons: the author sneakily creates a huge plot twist at the end which messes with your mind!

(20) Looking For Alaska by John Green

lfaSeries: Stand-alone

My rating: ***

Genre: just YA

What it’s about: a group of unlikely friends at a mixed boarding school, who enjoy pulling large-scale pranks, and end up trying to solve a mystery about the death of their close companion.

Pros: all the characters are quirky in their own way; there are lots of passages that made me laugh out loud – I’ve never laughed so much whilst reading a book (John Green is quite the story-teller); the book is extremely quotable!

Cons: it reveals bad habits to younger readers.

Would recommend to: Someone who likes mysteries, and possibly someone who’s been to a boarding school because they could relate.

My rating system:

* means it’s really bad ** means it’s not that great *** means it’s mediocre **** means it’s really good ***** means it’s amazing

Note: let’s be honest, I have no idea what a ‘Contemporary’ novel even is…


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