C’est La Vie {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 4}

C’est La Vie {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 4} | Wednesday 13th July 2016 |

As much as we tried to protest, the French girls and I got stuck washing crates… again. The commander of the warehouse is firm but kind of scatty, so we were waiting a while before the dirty water in the vat was emptied and we were given fresh cloths and gloves (we may as well have used toothbrushes, and the gloves ripped straight away). I squeezed a lot of soap into the vat and we all got excited because we could splash about in the bubbles as we worked. The work was tedious but we played some music: I was introduced to some cool French songs like “C’est la vie”, and we discovered a mutual love for Stromae so put his songs on repea). Cleaning crates for 5 hours wasn’t exactly enjoyable but I know that the workers really appreciate the help because they have more important things to do. 

After lunch, we had to package metal rings (I don’t know what vehicle parts they were) by organising them into sets of 50 and sealing them in narrow plastic tubes. There were 4000 pieces in total but I think between those of us doing the task, we managed to get through the stock quite quickly. 

The troublemaker of the group actually got fired today! He refuses to do work and wanders off after 10 minutes so the commander of the warehouse is kicking him out tomorrow. He is such a character and I don’t think the group will be the same without him. So now two boys are leaving, and I’ve just found out that some girls are leaving after two weeks instead of three (our 8-bed dorm will be reduced to two inhabitants by the end). 

For our evening activity we went through the Hebrew alphabet, the numbers from 1-10 and a few words. It’s interesting to see that some people can’t read block but find script easy, whereas I have been learning to read block my whole life and can only recognise a few script letters. I also realised just how complicated the alphabet is for newbies because some letters make multiple sounds. I enjoyed learning new words because my vocabulary is extremely limited! We were given some phrase sheets to use when we have our weekend away (note to self: don’t leave it in my suitcase!) Before going to sleep, the Australian guy let me be in his daily video blog. I can’t wait to see how he compiles his videos at the end of his trip. This is such a great experience so I’m happy that we are both recording it in different ways. 


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