Melting Hearts With That British Accent {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #5}

Melting Hearts With That British Accent {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #5} | Thursday 14th July 2016 |

Something great happened this morning: we got to change our uniforms! I can’t tell you how grateful we all were for this opportunity! You’d think it would be hotter working outside but the warehouse is a self-insulating metal monster and the sun heats it up to the extent that we practically bake inside it. So yes, sweating profusely in the same clothes for 5 days makes us well deserving of new uniforms! My new trousers are huge but it was too much effort to keep trying on unlabelled garments. 

Now that it had come to the last day of the working week, we all knew that none of us wanted to wash any more crates! But there were still more to do so a few girls were forced to get on with it. I was lucky because the Pennsylvanian girl and I got to work together doing more packaging. This time, we actually got to do a whole palette of interesting things: valves, pipes, dipsticks, light sensors and various other vehicle parts. There was a lot of variety so it didn’t get too boring or repetitive. We kept getting piles of boxes to sort through, and we used the sticker labels to work out the quantities for packing. I actually enjoyed it and wouldn’t have minded continuing for longer, but we finished at 11am so we could change, clean, pack and eat lunch before leaving the base for the weekend. 

We had a coach ride into Tel Aviv, dropped the Hungarian girl off at the Sar-El hostel, and all parted our separate ways by the drop-off point. I was exchanging contact details with the others who would be in Tel Aviv at the weekend and just told them to add me on Facebook. The Canadian boy blurted out: “I wish I could get chicks to add me on Facebook with a voice like that. I could melt some hearts with that British accent!” We were all laughing hysterically at his sincerity- it was a funny moment. 

The Pennsylvanian girl and I checked into our hotel and went swimming. We have a rooftop pool and a 360 degree view or the cityscape. As soon as we got into the pool, we felt 100 times more refreshed and I couldn’t stop smiling. We were so happy to be there and able to enjoy that moment of bliss. 

In the evening, we grabbed a bite to eat and watched the stunning sunset at the beach. We met up with my friend from the Genesis trip and it was so nice to catch up with a familiar face after a week of separation from the amazing group. We watched some men play intense games of beach volleyball and there was a short man in a neon orange top doing the most hardcore and (verging on) dangerous workout on the steps by the beach; we were laughing so much when he did ninja skipping like an oompa-loompa but felt so bad when he tripped! It’s so cool that we could be on the beach late at night and it was still buzzing. There was even a DJ playing music and hundreds of people dancing on the beach- the atmosphere was great and I am really enjoying this break from the base. 


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