Shabbat Sunset {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #6}

Shabbat Sunset {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #6}  | Friday 15th July 2016 |

Israeli breakfasts are the best. Fact. Our hotel had a huge buffet with cereals, a deli counter, an egg making station, a pastry corner, a make-your-own-soup table and an area for all the typical Israeli dishes like “shakshuka”. We ate so much food that we couldn’t get up for a while…
We headed to Nahalat Binyamin, the artists’ market, but ended up wandering through Shuk Ha Carmel first. It’s a very crowded half-covered market that sells everything from flip flops to Shabbat candles to fresh smoothies to mini canvas prints… It’s a really fun, buzzing place to be, but Friday mornings are hectic because everyone goes shopping there before Shabbat, when everything closes. I bought some fire pants, a skirt and a Magen David necklace. 

Exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the shuk (and from walking 20 minutes to find a pharmacy and supermarket), we started meandering through the artists’ market. I absolutely loved looking at the craftsmen’s handmade work. There were some really lovely pieces of unique jewellery and quirky sculptures made from wire, wood and ceramics. It was interesting talking to the artists and finding out how they make their work. I didn’t realise how big the market was- next week we are planning to return so we can go to the end and buy some bits and pieces. 

After a dip in the pool, we headed to the beach opposite our hotel. (We almost went into the men-only beach by accident!) We were in the sea for about 1.5 hours (time flew by so quickly) and left just as the sun was setting (in time for Shabbat). The airport is really close so every few minutes we had planes flying directly above us when we were in the sea. Like I said yesterday, the sunsets here are absolutely beautiful; the colours are so vibrant and it just makes me happy when I experience nature in this way. I love that you can go to the coast and just walk onto the beach at any time you want. It was so relaxing wading in the water, and we had so much fun jumping around in the waves. Thankfully we didn’t get stung by jellyfish! 

Shabbat dinner was delicious! Just like at breakfast, we stuffed ourselves with food from every buffet station. I had chicken soup, challah, beef stew, cous cous, schnitzel, sausages and meat strudel, followed by some chocolate and passion fruit cake slices for dessert. I’m normally disciplined when it comes to food but when you’re eating potatoes 24/7 at the base, it’s hard not to go a bit overboard when you have so much choice. As you can tell, I’m quite passionate about food…


2 thoughts on “Shabbat Sunset {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #6}

  1. Sounds like you’re having lots of fun! Share some food with me!!! Do you get the weekend away from the base? And come on, you have to show us a picture of you in the uniform, even if they’re not meant to be flattering, I still think it’s a cool thing just to be in one! You’re doing a really great deed out there, I don’t think I could survive Israel in Summer! There was a mini-heat wave here and it was really awful… Well, you know what I’m like with hot weather XD. Reading what you’re up to has cheered me up. Even though it feels a bit like I’m reading your diary lol.. But it’s inspired me to write a update for my blog too ^^ Looking forward to hearing what else you get up to whilst you’re away.. Hope it’s not just more crates! And post more pictures if the wifi allows it! 😀


    • Heyy!! Nice to hear from you! 😀 The food on the base was… basic. But trust me when I say I’ve gone wild with the food in my time off 😉 Yep, we had from Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning off each week. The uniform seriously looks bad on me because my trousers were 10 sizes too big! But it feels cool wearing one like the proper soldiers. I’m posting one photo for each blog but I didn’t take that many 😦 Looking forward to your blog post and seeing you soon now that I’m back 🙂 xxx


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