The Perks Of Being Israeli {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #9}

The Perks Of Being Israeli {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #9} | Monday 18th July 2016 |

Today we were taken on a surprise trip to a water park! We didn’t have to go to work at all- we just joined soldiers from the base and had a fun day out together.

We spent about 4 hours there going on water slides, relaxing in a wave simulation pool and eating a delicious packed lunch. We spent most of the time in queues for the slides, but it was 100 times less tedious than some of the work we have to do at the base. 

In the afternoon/evening we had loads of free time to shower and relax before dinner, so it really was a chilled day. 

For dinner, it’s a mad rush to get there at the start because if you want chocolate milk or the good chocolate yoghurts, you have to be first in line. Now that we all have a strategy, the competition is fierce! 

For our evening activity, we discussed what it means to be Israeli. We all drew pictures of what we imagine the typical Israeli to look like and then explained our pictures to the group. The Canadian boy drew the troublemaker of the group, who is originally from Israel and helps translate Hebrew for us when we’re confused. One of the new Czech girls just drew a stickman with no details, to show the diversity in Israel (which I thought was a really clever idea when she elaborated in her explanation). Our madrichot (another one joined us when the new group of volunteers came) told us what Israeli culture and art used to be like and how they’ve changed over time. For example, when the state gained its independence, everyone had to forget their pre-existing identity and assimilate into Israeli culture to obtain a new identity. So new immigrants had to change their names, the movies were only about Jewish life in Israel, and the music was only Israeli (later on, the styles mixed with more Middle Eastern sounding music). We listened to a song called “More Israel”, which describes all the typical things you’d find in Israel (it’s actually really funny if you know the stereotypes and are familiar with the culture). So far, all of the activities have been educational but also really fascinating. 


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