Weird Army Games {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #10}

Weird Army Games {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #10} | Tuesday 19th July 2016 |

It was a typical morning in the warehouse, packing vehicle parts and sitting next to a fan drinking an awfully sugary grape cordial. I had to show the new girls how to wash the crates outside but thankfully I didn’t have to do the job myself. Instead, I got to help the French boys with labelling, moving boxes and some other tasks set by a very friendly manager who only spoke Hebrew. He was so sweet because he let us take breaks and brought us food. I also realised that my Canadian friend was by herself and needed some help packaging 4000 screws, so I did that and then cut plastic bags to package random items whilst singing “High School Musical” songs with my friends, which wasn’t the worst job in the world! 

The troublemaker of the group actually left this afternoon. He was given several warnings (about his behaviour and lack of completed work, wearing his civilian clothes and not turning up to flag raising on time). So he’s been kicked out now! It won’t be the same without him because he’s such an animated and hilarious character. 

In the evening, we learned about Israeli inventions, including: cherry tomatoes, Waze, the epilator, Ola Mundo, UMOOVE, the Iron Dome, the pill camera and ICQ. I already knew that Israel is one of the leading countries in technology but finding out that Israelis invented and discovered these things is amazing. We got into groups and had to make a commercial for one of the inventions, and our group presented Waze but lost the competition! To be fair, we were all tired and lacked energy to put in an effort. Watching everyone else’s, however, was really fun. 

Later in the evening, after a good few rounds of “Heads Up”, we played games outside with the other soldiers. It was stuff like hide and seek, grandmother’s footsteps and long jump. One of the new Czech girls was amazing at the long jump game because she has really long legs, and we found out she does proper long jump so she was bound to be the best anyway! But still, it was really random doing all this stuff and felt like being a child again playing these weird army games. 


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