Special Sorting Role {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #11}

Special Sorting Role | {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #11} | Wednesday 20th July 2016 |

I’ve come to realise that I’m a lucky volunteer. One of the managers of the warehouse favours me and only lets me work for him*. That means I’m always guaranteed a constant flow of packing jobs and I don’t have to go outside to wash boxes. Sometimes I get small orders of a couple of random parts that need bags or stickers but sometimes I spend hours on the same job. *I tried to help two of the German boys with a job where about 50 parts needed individual stickers and the bags needed repairing, but I was told off and called back to doing more jobs on my own for the manager. 

Everyone kind of has their own manager now. The Coloradan girl always has to do paperwork, the French boys usually help the sweet man who doesn’t speak any English, the girl from Calgary has her own special sorting role, the new Czechs get orders to wash boxes, the Australian and Canadian boy do something outside like lifting or sorting, and the rest of the group do random jobs but mostly packaging. 

Although the parts I package are sometimes mysterious and interesting (the coolest thing I have done so far was packing bags for machine gun stands) there isn’t much variety any more. I’m sorry there isn’t much to report for our day work; I was hoping we would get to change warehouse or work with guns or tanks etc, but this is where they need the work so this is what we have to do. I am enjoying it a lot more now because the group has definitely become closer so we can chat or visit each other at our different work stations when we get bored. I also love blasting the radio and jamming to the random mix of songs they play on Galatz (including popular English and Israeli music). 

In the evening, we learned about Israeli music. We were given the lyrics to some famous anthems and the madrichot gave us some background information about the songs/artists after we listened to each one. I only knew “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” but it was cool to learn new ones and find out the meaning behind them. 

Now that our group is closer, we stay up later hanging out. We stay in the “mohadon” (club) and mess around, play cards, play random games anyone comes up with (like the “bowl game”), watch TV and eat a load of pastries. As much as I love rogalach, I won’t be able to face them after this trip!


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