Blood, Sweat and Peers {Sar-El ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Day #12}

Blood, Sweat and Peers {Sar-El ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Day #12} | Thursday 21st July 2016 |

If you know me well, you’ll be aware that I’m extremely needle-phobic. So when we were asked if we wanted to donate blood this morning, I was the first to say no. I think it’s amazing that about half the group decided to do this, though- I really admire them for it whether they genuinely wanted to give blood or just wanted to escape work for the morning!

I went to work and packaged 600 pieces of something, not that I have any idea what they were. They looked like a cross between train tracks and Lego pieces. We didn’t even do half a day of work, only 1.5 hours. 

We got a while to freshen up and eat some lunch before leaving the base for Tel Aviv. My Pennsylvanian friend was feeling really ill because she wasn’t too well but donated blood anyway, so she didn’t get off the coach when we had a short field trip to Neve Tzedek (the first Jewish neighbourhood built outside Yafo back in the day). Our madricha took us on a short tour of the neighbourhood, including some famous dance schools and the old train station. Then half of the group was dropped off at the military hostel before the rest of us departed at our usual drop off point. It was really sad that we had to say goodbye to 2 of our lovely room mates, the Coloradan and Pennsylvanian girls. We will definitely miss them over the next week, but I guess they’re off to do more exciting things now…

There are four of us staying in the same hotel that I stayed in last weekend. I am sharing a room with my New Yorkan and Canadian friends, whilst the Australian boy has his own place. 

We went to Aroma (the Israeli Starbucks equivalent) for iced drinks (I had the iced cookie cream drink, which was delicious) and the barista almost bought an outdated 10NIS note from me because he was so excited to see old money. We then spent a while on the beach, messing around in the sea and catching waves. 

Dinner at sunset was really cool. We found a lovely Kosher milky restaurant at the port (I tried a chai latte for the first time) and then we went to an amazing ice cream shop where I almost made myself sick with dulce de leche, creme brรปlรฉe and marshmallow ice cream (probably the best flavour I’ve ever had). We sat outside overlooking the port, with our towers of ice cream melting all over our hands and legs. There was an amazing water and light show: fountains sprayed water in all directions in time to a music mashup, with neon LEDs making patterns and words on a display board behind. It was a really cool thing to watch and I wish I could have evenings like this all the time. 


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