Mooching In The Markets {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #13}

Mooching In The Markets {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #13} | Friday 22nd July 2016 |

Photo credit: Louise Aron |

Back to the Carmel market and then the artists’ market! We met up with the French guys and hung out with them whilst we all tried to bargain for gifts and souvenirs in the busy marketplaces. It always takes a lot of self restraint not to buy random bits and pieces at the shuk! This time we completed the artists’ market and I loved it. My New Yorkan friend and I took our time looking at all the interesting pieces of jewellery etc, but our Canadian friend was not impressed and kept reminding us that Aroma was waiting for us at the end! Naturally, iced drinks were much needed after all the mooching around in the sun, so we boarded a shared taxi shuttle with our Aroma refreshments and headed to the hotel, followed by the beach. (On the ride back, my friends wanted me to show them English currency so I explained all the coins and denominations.)

Our Australian friend met us at the beach with his GoPro, so we got to take some really cool action shots in the water as the immense waves crashed over us. We had much bigger waves today so it was really fun jumping into them or being carried off by them. The lifeguards kept shouting through their megaphones but we had no clue what they were trying to say!

My Shabbat meal consisted of some supermarket snacks, including pitta bread, humous, cold meats and an aloe vera drink that I was introduced to on Genesis. I love that I can just go into a supermarket here and pick up any meat I want, knowing that it’s Kosher- it’s such a privilege!

I went with my friends to the Namal area (the port) to take some  obligatory pre-Shabbat selfies (the Australian boy dropped his phone into a forbidden access construction site!) and I watched the sunset as they ate their dinner.  The busy week started to take its toll on me and I went back to get an early night, but it was a really great evening and I realised I would miss being in Tel Aviv next weekend! 


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