Thrown In The Deep End {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #15}

Thrown In The Deep End {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #15} | Sunday 24th July 2016 |

Someone didn’t turn up at our meeting point this morning! One of the German boys had a return flight from Eilat but it got very delayed, so his taxi met us at the base entrance. A new boy (from Philadelphia) who had just finished Taglit joined our group today. 

We had a blissful few hours before we were needed at work but the Czech and Slovakian girls wanted to go to work straight away. I personally need all the time out that we get because it’s an exhausting and intense programme, so the fact that these volunteers start shifts early and stay on an extra 2 hours after the rest of us leave seems like madness to me! We already do 7.5 hours a day, so the thought of 9.5 is unbearable! 

This afternoon I packaged another 1200 or so of whatever it was I didn’t finish packing on Friday. I was trying to find (gal gal gal) Galatz on the radio and the sweet manager who gives jobs to the French boys came over to help. However, he kept putting on the same awful heavy metal radio station and telling me it was that one (nope!) He’s so funny but mainly because he doesn’t speak English so we communicate through the odd word and a lot of confusing gestures. Every morning, he gets off his bike and comes to turn on my light, check the radio is to my liking, and manages to make me laugh somehow. 

At dinner, everyone was really hyper. Some boys at my table were trying to land balls of scrunched up napkins into our cups and we were just giddy for some reason. I was worried we were scaring off the new guy because he seems nice and pretty normal, and he’s just been thrown in the deep end two weeks into our programme. 

Our evening activity was learning about Israel geography. We had a team exercise where we competed to stick names of famous cities on giant hand drawn maps. I’m honestly so impressed with the effort that goes into preparing our evening activities – the madrichot are fantastic. We also learned a bit about each place, like what you can find and do there. My geography is terrible so this activity definitely helped me clear a few things up. 

Later on, I ended up watching Harry Potter with some others. The posh British accents made everything over-the-top cheesy and I’m sure the more recent movies must have better green screen graphics, but overall it was quite entertaining and I can finally say I understand a little more about the Harry Potter world I missed out on in my childhood.  


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