The Best Feeling In The World {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 16}

The Best Feeling In The World {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 16} | Monday 25th July 2016 | 

To be totally honest, today was a bit rubbish. I was stuck putting small bags into bigger bags, then packing huge, heavy metallic screws into nylon. The 5 hour morning dragged on and on, and when it came to the afternoon I slipped off to the air-conditioned office to take a nap. I just had no energy to do anything so I was alternating between hiding from the managers behind the fan at my desk, visiting other volunteers at their stations, plaiting girls’ hair and helping Soulja Boy. The worst part was that I finished my tasks at 3pm and could have left early, but nobody told me that they got to leave early so I was there for an extra half an hour that I could have used to take a shower or eat Doritos! 

I didn’t mention it before but being able to take a cold shower here is such a luxury; even after I go for runs or it’s a whopping 22 degrees back in the UK, there’s no way I could face a cold shower… but here, after a day of sweating and slaving away, it’s the best feeling in the world. Today it was lucky I had a shower when I did because we found out a pipe had burst and the base had no water! 

For our evening activity, we had a guest speaker from Yad Vashem who came to talk to us about Jewish leadership, mainly in the Holocaust. I was shattered and barely took anything in. I was pretty sure I’d learned about the same people on the Genesis Poland trip, and she was not an engaging speaker either. All in all, the talk went on far too long and I didn’t find it interesting, unfortunately. Afterwards, I finally watched Harry Potter with some others. It wasn’t terrible (if you forget about the green screen) but it was really weird watching actors who I’ve seen in more recent films as tiny kids with posh British accents. At least now I’ve started my Harry Potter education, even if I am 10 years too late…

Oh and before bed I found a trail of ants by my bed. I am now itchy 99% of the time. I swear these ants are everywhere, even in my dreams…


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