Surprise: Siren! {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 17}

Surprise: Siren! {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day 17} | Tuesday 26th July 2016 |

Have you ever counted sheep if you’ve found it hard to get to sleep? Well I have, and I only usually get to 50 before I’m out. So imagine having to count not only to 50 or 100 or even 150, but 9200 without falling asleep. Today my friends and I spent most of the morning packing 9200 tiny metal rings into nylon bags (and I thought the 1950 pieces I did in one go the other day was bad…) When I got to lunch, another friend told me she did it yesterday but weighed the pieces collectively in cups so it barely took any time or effort… so you can imagine how frustrated we were that nobody told us that was an option! Can I just emphasise again that we individually counted out 9200 pieces?! 

For our evening activity, we learned about different minority ethnic groups living in Israel (ie. the Druze, Beduoins, Ethiopians, Black Hebrews, Carcissians etc…). It was so funny because our madricha talked about the French population in Israel but called them “Frenches” (we’re always making fun of her English). At one point, a siren blared and we had to duck on the floor quickly for a head count. There’s a new commander on the base who’s really strict about rules, so we had to join in with this army drill and then sit on the floor (amongst the ants, of course) for the rest of our activity. 

Update on the ant situation by my bed: I spritzed them with my bug repellent and apart from the odd woozy ant crawling around, most of them disappeared (hooray!) 


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