Ken Ha Mifakedet! {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #18}

Ken Ha Mifakedet! {Sar-El 🇮🇱 Day #18} | Wednesday 27th July 2016 |

It’s the last day of our programme so I don’t think the managers really had anything useful for us to do. I was given the task of making 1000 bags. We didn’t need to pack anything- just make the bags- which seemed really pointless. I cut so many bags that the scissors ripped skin off my fingers – ouch! Yesterday a manager gave us some pre-made bags (but properly manufactured ones) to use when packing random pipe parts and I was thinking “why didn’t they give these to us 3 weeks ago so we wouldn’t have to slave away making them ourselves?!”

It was the warehouse commander’s birthday so the workers threw him a ‘surprise’ party, with loads of food etc. It was really nice that we were invited to celebrate with everyone. However, there was Bamba everywhere and I was so paranoid because my medication was back at the dorms.

In the afternoon, I was absolutely shattered so I went to sleep in the office for a good hour and a half. I felt really bad taking such a long break because we came here to work, but I really had no energy to do anything. When I’d recovered a bit, I helped the blonde German boy put stickers on a few boxes of hammers, which was an easy job for the end of the day. Everyone had helped to clean the warehouse (I started to sweep the floor but then someone blasted a hose so all the rubbish and dust got swept away in the water again and I gave up) and most of the palettes in the middle section of the space in which we worked had been taken away so the place looked strangely empty.

At 4pm we went to the flag raising spot to take some group photos and I think they turned out really well. After that, some crazy people decided to go back to work for a couple more hours!

This evening, we had a debrief session where we gave feedback about the programme and shared our reflections on the experience. Then we presented our madrichot with cards and t-shirts we made for them to say thank you, and they presented us with certificates.

Our main evening activity was very different tonight. Our Russian madricha became our commander and we had to do some simplified basic training drills outside. We had no idea what was going on, so we made jokes, but she was super severe and wouldn’t let us talk or move. After all our commands we had to say “Ken ha mifakedet!” (Yes, commander!) We had to stand in different formations like the letter “Chet” or in equal lines, and we only had a few seconds to run to the correct place and stand in position. When we got it wrong we had to do it all over again! It was hilarious because we’re friends with our madricha and we’d never seen her shout at anyone like this. At one point, she wanted to tell us to stand by a telephone pole but didn’t know the word for it in English and got really frustrated. The Candian boy made her crack up and break the straight face. She had to go off to “take a phone call” but we knew that she just needed a few seconds to have a giggle and gain composure again! It was hard for all of us not to laugh but if we did crack up, we would be kicked out. It was a cool activity to have on our last night.

Afterwards, we had a pizza party, played cards and listened as the funny quotes from the past few weeks were read out. It was great to reminisce and laugh about all the ridiculous, embarrassing, witty and inappropriate comments that we made. I’ve loved spending time with this group and because everyone was so quirky in their own way, I’m going to miss the group dynamics when I go home!


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