Writing101 Day#2: A Room With A View




I step out of the plane and take in the gleaming whiteness of my surroundings. We have landed magnetically inside a glowing red ring atop a skyscraper, where the air is pure and refreshing. I’d imagined Antarctica, of all places, to greet me with a frosty rush of wind or a blinding glare from the sun reflected on a snowy landscape. But apparently, Ross City is not that place. Instead, I stand amid an urban jungle of glossy structures that stretch into the clouds, all interconnected by wide bridges that overlook the metropolitan buzz some 300 storeys below. Peering over the edge of the platform, I realise how nauseatingly high we are, and take a step backwards to steady myself. However, looking upwards is just as dizzying, as the city seems to be vertically infinite.

Before I can get lost in my thoughts of wonder, a pair of glasses is pressed into my palm, and I am told to wear them for the duration of the visit. They are slim and the frames are made from a lightweight metal; when I place them on my face, they feel almost invisible. I open my eyes to find a brighter, more vivid cityscape around me – but that is not the only difference. Every person in my periphery has their name and a numerical status floating above their head, like a simulation in a video game. I imagine what the numbers could represent and why they are needed here. Anden walks over and flashes me one of his effortless smiles, whilst asking me to rejoin the group: his number increases from zero to one. A smile = a point? Fascinating.

Lady Medina leads us along an extravagant ivory bridge, into the Level Infinity Hotel. With each step I take, rainbow-infused swirls formulate on the plush carpet under my feet. The hotel’s foyer is lined with projections of live footage from various parts of Ross City. One screen, showing young boys racing through a street on hoverboards, catches my attention. This right here is the future. No wonder the Republic needs their help.


Writing101 Day#3: Commit To A Writing Practice

I’ve just been scrolling through my iTunes library, trying to find the songs that would make up the soundtrack of my life. For today’s task, I found it hard to pick just 3 songs to celebrate, because music is such a big part of my life, and I don’t think I’d be able to function without my daily dose of funky tracks. Choice of music is so personal, and in a way, I feel that the songs you like map out some kind of imaginary constellation which defines you – your personality and your journey through life. Yes, I may be more into The Summer Set than the Sugababes now, but that girl group is a slice of my childhood pie, and I wouldn’t be me without that music in my memory.

1) Weightless by All Time Low

This song is all about wanting to break free and do your own thing in life. When you’re stuck somewhere and you want to let go so that you can get started on something else, it’s really frustrating. Sometimes, I get so claustrophobic and impatient because I’m itching to begin a creative project, or it’s sunny and I’m indoors… I can really relate to this song, and I think the lyrics suit my life so well right now. Being a teenager is hard because you’ve escaped childhood and are on the brink of adulthood – and you feel like you have so much to offer the world, but you’re just not good enough yet, or you can’t focus on what you personally want due to demands like school and exams. You go through the good times and the bad times, but it will get better, and that’s what keeps you going. I just want to be weightless, and that should be enough.

2) Express Yourself by Labrinth

A lot of the time, I feel like an outcast. I think that I’m weird and awkward and just not normal. But this song helps me remember that there is no such thing as ‘normal’, and that everyone is different. You just have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy, and that is what life should be all about, rather than worrying about fitting in or avoiding stereotypes. This song makes me really happy (more happy than Happy) because I can relate to all of the strange ‘isms‘ and personality quirks mentioned, and I know that I’m not alone.

3) Upside Down by Paloma Faith

The title of this song is enough to explain me in 2 words! I live a busy, crazy life, and it’s all going so fast that I feel like I’m constantly living upside down! For a start, my desk is a tip and I can’t find anything on it; I make so many plans and I get stressed out when I’m out of time by even a minute; I don’t get enough sleep so I’m constantly tired and confused; and I prefer to daydream than to keep my head in the real world. I’m just a happy, messy wreck living in a fantasy.


Writing101 Day #4: The Serial Killer

I am like a tree.

Spring: my moss-stained branches sprouted emerald leaves and fresh, fluttering petals.

Summer: my sweet aroma drifts into the atomosphere and I sway blissfully in the sunlight.

Autumn: my golden-baked foliage will shrivel up and whip away in crispy furls.

Winter: my naked body will wither and tremble as gnarly twigs snap off and leave me to decay.

My childhood has been snagged  in the stealthy switch of a season.

So now I sit Summer, then Autumn, then



Writing101 Day #5: Be Brief

It was none of your business, but you picked it up anyway.

The envelope was sealed, but you opened it anyway.

Those words were not meant for you, but you read them anyway.

The fear and the pain did not demand you to feel them, but you wept anyway.

Those secrets would haunt you, but you let them.


The letter was not addressed to you, but you slipped it inside your pocket and continued on your way.