Waltz in a Starlit Swamp

Oblivious to sparklers bright and fairy lights he stood

Whilst staggering sirens waltzed in a wave around him


The music drowned it its own pretentious beats and he downed

a couple more shots to compete

with friends whose names had long been repressed in a corner

of his brain where dusk and dawn –

they felt the same


These girls –

they twirled glossy hair around their fingers

to catch attention of boys who stared

and lingered


Sweaty palms to hips and sour mouths collided

nonchalantly in this garden’s starlit swamp th’s’been

hidden in the heavy hanging mist of lust


And lost hearts –

they meandered through the sickly smoke –

for what? and just when he’d forgot

where he was and who he had to be

to live young and free

on that night

an Angel fair



appeared in his sight


And She was the sweetest shade of summer

And how he yearned to be Her lover!


For seconds like minutes like hours

his tired eyes devoured



of Her being:

the fluttering of innocent eyes to the skies,

two blushing cheeks, a sleek nose,

a glow to Her skin as if

caressing the moon in

Her delicate hands could illuminate

Her face, neck, wrists and legs…


Could he risk a step to Her tranquil spot

only to stumble

on his words or own feet

because meeting Her gaze so dear

made him fear losing



As if choosing to stamp out his fantasised fate

he plucked up his courage a little too late

for into the crowd She was shoved by some lad

who’d had ‘nough drink to breathe out

a shroud of stale air


And much as he tried to follow Her light

swallowed whole was She

by the rhythm of the night


And She was the sweetest shade of summer

And how he yearned to be Her lover!