The Second Plague

I happened to come across a pond full of sunbathing frogs (quite fitting as I have been celebrating Passover), and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take photos of them. I was determined to get as close as possible without them springing into the water out of fear. So I became the Stealthy Amphibian Paparazzi for a few minutes: lying on a bridge and sticking my arm out of the fencing (praying I wouldn’t drop my camera), crouching in the soil with ants crawling into my espadrilles, sneaking through the bushes whilst swatting away hormonal wasps… All that effort for a couple of snaps*, but I just think it’s the coolest thing to see interesting creatures up close and personal.

*Please click on the photos to view them on a larger scale so that you can see the detail on their skin!


Flora Into Focus

Another nature-inspired photography expedition! I’ve been exploring more of my camera’s settings recently, and in this collection of photos, you’ll notice that I’ve tried to capture (parts of) plants in the foreground, while the backgrounds remain abstract and out of focus. I wanted to highlight the subjects by making them sharper, to stand out from the general foliage. I’m no expert in composition, but I’m satisfied that these comply with the criteria I’d set out to investigate on my travels. These images were taken abroad (though I did wish we grew birds of paradise in our back garden) which is why some of the flora looks quite exotic. To you, they may be ordinary photos of plants, but right now I’m just continuing to experiment with my camera, and trying to be artistic…

Star-Crossed Lovers

The stars remind me of the twinkle in your eyes

When you smile

I imagine that I can pluck one from the sky

To cherish as my own

Because it’s an undisclosed desire

(That iridescent glow between you and I

That blazing aura illuminating your skin

That simmering halo of moonbeams above your head)

The stars remind me of the tears that scratch your face

When you cry

I imagine that I can hurl a cluster from the diamond-studded swathes of obscurity

To shatter the barricade which cages us in our distinct perpetuities

Because it’s a necessity

(That luminous haze of emotion incarcerated in the symphony of my every waking thought

That palpitating rhythm like shivers of cosmic dust flaring through my veins

That kaleidoscope of spiralling dark matter chasing you into the vacant black hole that is my heart)

The stars remind me of the infinities between us

Of the excruciating eternity hailing our dreams to decease

Oh gravity! Pull me to my sanity

And let the hushed galaxies grieve for its star-crossed lovers


City of Sky and Glass

I was lucky enough to embark on a dream journey around the city of New York, which has always been a place I have longed to visit. Having spent a week there, I got a flavour of the culture and lifestyle, which is completely different to my own. The city is always, always bustling with tourists, business people, dodgy looking men lurking on street corners…

You can’t possibly imagine the scale of all the buildings unless you’re there – you often see whole skyscrapers reflected in other skyscrapers! It felt like London had been given plastic surgery: a bit of alligning the roads into a neat grid of avenues and streets, a bit of scrubbing and polishing, and a lot of pulling here and there – stretching the skin of the buildings as much as is humanly possible!

I enjoyed taking lots of photos of all the famous sites I visited, the food, exciting pop culture things which are practically meaningless to anyone else, and of course, my family. In this small selection of photographs from my adventure, I wanted to capture specifically the futuristic architecture and uniqueness of such an imposing, enormous city. In an attempt to impress you, I present to you the City of Sky and Glass…


Travel Vlog

I have taken away so many incredible memories from my Israel Tour, and I had to put them together so that I can always go back and reflect on my experience. Having already put together a short creative compilation, and a mixture of the highlights, I decided to expand on that, and make a really long vlog. On my travels, I rambled on about nonsense in front of my camera, whenever I had the opportunity. I couldn’t put it all in, otherwise my friends would have to sit through 2 hours of non-stop rubbish. So even though these parts may still be really awkward for me, they were the least awkward parts. It’s a half-hour documentary about Tour from start to finish, so if you want a feel for the beautiful country of Israel, please feel free to gain an insight through my eyes… Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, pretty please! 😉



These photos were taken at a marketplace in Israel, this summer. It was the perfect place to capture some vibrant colours and shiny objects! I found it a really interesting location for shooting, especially as it’s rare to come across such opportunities in England.